We started our services in 1989, by the name JENSON COMPUTERS catering initially to the local publishers and organizations. 
JENSON INFOTECH was later incorporated as a separate unit from our parent company; mainly to cater the overseas clients and to work in the IT enabled Business Process Outsourcing services sector and other Internet and electronic publishing areas. We are proud to be one among the very few IT service companies who specializes in servicing the vast global printing and publishing industry.

Joseph Benjamin is a printing technology professional and a publisher himself  with vast experience in the publishing field and computer aided publishing systems and technologies. He heads a team of various professionals who can handle with ease almost any challenge of the publishing field.

JENSON INFOTECH is a leading provider of publishing services, with in-depth experience of more then 13 years and expertise in handling regular as well as complex typesetting and data conversion jobs of Christian literary, Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine and other scientific books and journals, from typesetting to scanning and final page output as per international standards. We also undertake data conversion, data capture, SGML, HTML, XML and custom coding, Graphic conversion and multimedia services as well as other allied services. We specialize in providing various IT Enabled services in these areas, which can also be termed as Business Process Outsourcing. Our solution prepares our customers to meet the challenges of globalization and the next decade.

Our production capabilities cover the comprehensive range of pre-press services: media conversion, copy-editing, SGML / HTML / XML encoding, illustration creation, scanning and editing, typesetting and pagination and electronic file production for press, Internet and media.

We can take jobs of Translation into local Indian languages, and Transcription of Books (English) of any kind and in huge volumes. This comprises of mostly different Christian literary series, which has proved too useful all over the world in the English language and needed to be produced, in the major local Indian languages. We can also typeset large volumes of out of print books and paperbacks as per recent technology, to publish it through offset printing process.

Our experienced and skilled personnel handle typesetting of complex math formulas, chemistry, physics and medicine, and other scientific books and journals with ease.

·    Data Acceptance: JENSON INFOTECH accepts data in Word, WordPerfect, WordStar, IBM Editor, Norton Editor, DOS Editor and numerous other files formats.

·    Data Processing: Data can be processed in PageMaker, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, MS Word, CorelDraw, Illustrator, MathType and dBASE.

·    Delivery: JENSON INFOTECH can deliver data in the following output formats: PS or PRN, PDF, Bromide RC Paper, Positive/Negative Film, SGML, HTML, XML



We support Data Conversion and Data Capture facility for the following:

·        Keying of Database

·        Conversion of Electronic Files

·        Page Formatting services (Typesetting)

·        Editing and Proofreading services 

·        Image Density Conversion (DPI) assignments

·        Image Type Conversion (Color level and Bits)

·        Image Format Conversion

·        Adobe PDF Creation

·        E-books, E-zines and Newsletters

·        Typesetting in PageMaker, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, Word 2000,
    CorelDraw, Illustrator, ChemWindow, MathType and dBASE

·        SGML / HTML / XML conversion

·        Consumer Surveys, Reader Response Cards

·        Testing & Certification Forms

·        Enrollment Data

·        Inventory Control Records

·        Field Reporting

·        Credit Applications, Credit Card Application / Statement / Charge Slip

·        Health Care Claims, Medical Claim Forms / Records

·        Paper Lists, Legal Documents, Title Deeds, Hand Written Manuscripts

·        Insurance Claims

·        Pension Information

·        Engineering Drawings, Survey Results

·        Library Records

·        Library Cataloguing



JENSON INFOTECH's Data Conversion Capabilities

Our conversion capabilities include:

·    Keying of Database of various types like, 1. Legal texts (Government Publications), 2. Books, 3. Handwritten Manuscripts in OCR form or others. (This could also include Transcription of Manuscript) and 4. Printed Information with editorial comments and corrections, etc. Virtually all sort of plain text based or record based Data entry.

·    Conversion of Electronic Files

·    Page Formatting services

·    Editing and Proofreading services

·    Transcription: Typing of Academic, Business, Personal and 
General documents from cassette tapes.

·    SGML / HTML / XML conversion


JENSON INFOTECH delivers the highest-quality electronic files by capturing data from:

·        Consumer Surveys, Reader Response Cards

·        Testing & Certification Forms

·        Enrollment Data

·        Inventory Control Records

·        Field Reporting

·        Credit Applications, Credit Card Application / Statement / Charge Slip

·        Health Care Claims, Medical Claim Forms / Records

·        Paper Lists, Legal Documents, Title Deeds, Hand Written Manuscripts

·        Insurance Claims

·        Pension Information

·        Engineering Drawings, Survey Results

·        Routing Slips

·        Library Records

·        Image files

In general, JENSON INFOTECH handles almost all forms of data conversion and data capture typically accomplished through manual data entry. These can be accepted in paper, film or electronic format, and can also be received by us electronically through Internet e-mail or FTP



SGML, HTML and XML standards are valuable aids in the creation, management, and delivery of documents. These help integrate the work of several authors in multi-author documents, facilitate document revision and information reuse, and streamline the output of information in multiple formats (e.g., paper, the Web, and CDROM). The benefits of SGML are many, ranging from increased information integrity, to reduced document production times, to superior document longevity.

We constantly update our SGML and XML know-how to provide up to date service to our customers in publishing, the government, business, industry and academics.

JENSON INFOTECH uses Mark up Languages for large volumes of legacy information, generating computerized files that can be economically useful in many ways. Our SGML and XML creation begins with Document Type Definition
(DTD) and other specifications from the customer. Every project being unique, JENSON INFOTECH examines the specific customer need and creates data models, coding properties, image methodology if needed, quality procedures and document manipulation. The documents are provided with SGML / XML tags and internal and external linkages, and identifiers directed to pointers and targets in the data.

On completion of entry of source file conversion, the file is passed through validation software. This process is repeated until the file is error free. The file is then normalized and checked for complete pars ability and readability.

Our expertise covers SGML and XML conversions for technical documents, magazines, newspapers, journals, encyclopedias, students question / answer books and documents with or without tables, equations and graphics.

JENSON INFOTECH is an electronic database company specializing in the translation and transfer of paper-based data to computer format.

Our services include accurate Data Conversion and high quality Data Capturing. Our Conversion services for various national and international clients include SGML, HTML and XML Structuring services and Pre-Press Services. 
has the proficiency and the capability to handle high volume as well as intricate data conversions, and has earned a reputation for quality, accuracy and on-time delivery.



JENSON INFOTECH handles a variety of image conversion requirements.

·    Image Density Conversion (DPI) assignments: Graphic image density expressed in 'Dots per inch' can be altered depending on the source file and type required.

·    Image Type Conversion (Color level and Bits): Images can be altered to bitmaps - gray scale and color (4 to 32 bits)

·    Image Format Conversion: JENSON INFOTECH can support images conversion from one format to another and from application to another. Images can be resized and converted in terms of color, depth and DPI.

·    Document scanning, Data Capture, Imaging/Indexing and retrieval (OCR, ICR, OMR) technology (Medical and other related work).

·    Adobe PDF Creation: Conversion of data/image from hard copy or any file format to Adobe PDF is undertaken. PDF creation with indexing, links, forms and security option are undertaken. We also create e-books in PDF from any layout or word processing programs.

JENSON INFOTECH uses Acrobat Capture for uncompromising accuracy and consistency in document scanning, OCR and data conversion. With Acrobat Capture, the results in highest quality PDF output feasible with a considerably reduced need for OCR clean up.

PDF offers document conversion and digital imaging to fit any requirement and plan, from uncomplicated image scanning, to image overlaying concealed - yet searchable - text, to fully converted text documents that can be customized and maintained. The converted PDF can be distributed a network, CD-ROM or the Internet.

PDF files can be improved with bookmarks, cross-document links, Web links, security features, digital signatures, thumbnails, and interactive forms.



Secretarial services

- Secretarial Services utilizing information technology for offering secretarial, help.

- Word Processing (resume typing, conferences, interviews and other material)

Digital Publishing:

 E-books, E-zines and Newsletters.


High Levels of Accuracy with Strict Quality Process

As quality and accuracy form the foundation of success in any Data Conversion project, JENSON INFOTECH focuses on providing services that deliver the level of accuracy required by the project. The customer, based on his requirements, decides the accuracy level of characters. JENSON INFOTECH generates data that is not less than 99.95% accurate on a letter-to-letter comparison with the source document. High accuracy of 99.998% is possible with extra edits, additional key verification process, spell check and proof reading.

In cases that do not require high accuracy, we provide one pass keying with a minimum accuracy of 97% that offers a substantial cost benefit on the project.

JENSON INFOTECH follows several quality techniques to ensure high accuracy levels in projects.

·    All the data that is keyed in is 100% key verified (using our proprietary dual-keying software). Project managers ensure that every job is keyed in accurately, and that output is given in accordance with specifications laid down by the customer

·    All data is run through final edits, checking for proper data formatting, field size validation, multi-field relationships, data logic, presence of mandatory data, date format and validity.

·    Testing and loop back processes at required levels trap and rectify common errors.

·    Incentives to operators are based on a blend of error to speed that helps accuracy levels at the entry pass.

·    Validation Parsing of SGML / XML data is mandatory for all SGML / XML data before delivery to the customer.


JENSON INFOTECH’s operating policy is aligned to the following key ingredients. These policies have directly established the growth of our company.

1. Righteousness

We firmly adhere to moral and ethical values in our profession. We pledge wholeness and righteousness in our dealings with clients, associates, and companies with whom we associate.

2. Assurance

We make a total commitment of our expertise, ideas and time, and assure all with whom we do business, that they have our total concentration and best interest presently, and in the future.

3. Fairness

We maintain that all actions work evenly well for every party in both human and monetary terms. We keep our relationships just, even-handed, impartial and free from preferences towards any particular client. We continuously try to attain a correct equilibrium of requirements and rights of all parties in our agreements.

4. Reliability

JENSON INFOTECH staffs always carry out business in an approach that will earn the reliance and trust of our customers. We will fully look forward to perform so as to be worthy of the dependability, esteem and praise of our clients.

5. Opportunity

JENSON INFOTECH will constantly alert itself to changes in products, expertise, and conventions in its field of business. Through this thorough and continuous research, we will provide opportunity for advancement and/or enhancement to our clients.


Shipping and Handling

Courier service is available in Ahmedabad, Western India. Out-of-town clients are serviced by DHL, Federal Express and UPS services. International Mail can be used when requested for, both in - and out-of-country clients. All costs for transportation are passed on (at cost) to the client.

Acceptance Policy

We reserve the right to refuse to process any job without specific written instructions and official purchase order.

The processing instructions MUST INCLUDE source and destination information, special processing information if required, and shipping and billing information. If the file/data source and destination are to be reached electronically by the way of e-mail or FTP transfers between us and the customer, it MUST BE CLEARLY MENTIONED in the purchase order. Include a contact name and an after hours phone number. Please identify all items you send for use in processing your job with your company name and phone number.

Normal Turnaround Time

All jobs are processed in the order they are received - and only after receiving the formal purchase order. If the client specifies a "rush", we reserve the right to accept the request at our discretion. In extreme cases 'rush' surcharge will be implied. Planning time needed to commence the assignment shall be intimated to the customer depending upon the complexity of the project.

Change of Specification

If the customer changes the original specification (mentioned in the Purchase Order or the Specification sheet) after the assignment is awarded, all additional work performed will be charged extra at our prevailing rates.


Customers are required to notify us of any problems within 7 working days. This allows for prompt correction of any problems. We accept no responsibility after 7 working days. Liability for any job is limited to the charges for the processing of your data and only to the file considered problematic.


Our Contact details :

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